I have always had a love of nature and an interest in the wonders of the plant world. I was drawn to Botanical art after reading an article about classes by the incredible Mali Moir. I never realized how deep and wonderful the study of botanical art could be. The journey of studying the growth patterns of plants, the anatomy of flowers and the incredible colour combinations found in nature. The importance of birds, bees and butterflies in the continuity of plant life and in turn humans.


The beautiful conventions of dissections that make you marvel over the details found in flowers. The Fibonacci spiral growth patterns found in artichokes, pineapples and asparagus. Drawing plant material makes us look at life differently. We all need to be mesmerized and guided by nature.

A Florilegium is a collection of plant paintings of a particular area or garden. My life goal is to complete a Florilegium of my own garden.

Colour swatches...

Graphite drawing of my daughter.